WKM Restoration Group recently completed an extensive exterior concrete repair, waterproofing, and coating project at Three Palms Pointe Condominium in St. Pete Beach. The exterior of the twin 13-story towers is composed of a combination of EIFS and conventional stucco. All of the existing sealant was removed and replaced and the exterior was primed and coated with BASF MasterProtect HB400/ C-350 system. The C-350 finish coat provides a hydrophobic easy cleaning finish, and the entire system of sealants and coatings is covered by a 12 year warranty from BASF. Selective concrete repairs were performed on the exterior balconies, and a system including corrosion inhibitor, BASF550, Gemstone, and an acrylic floor paint were applied. The balcony guardrails were prepped and painted with Sherwin Williams products to provide additional service life.

The team of WKMRG, Karins Engineering, and the Board of Directors at Three Palms Pointe worked together to bring this project to a successful conclusion. The spirit of collaboration and a healthy team-building environment that was present at Three Palms Pointe were vital to the project and its completion.

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